• Starta Accelerator tokensale
    Crowdsale conducted on July 4th, 2017
    Total raised
    Total investors
    1,500,000 USD
    5,000,000 USD

    About The Project

    Starta Accelerator

    Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. Mission of Starta Accelerator is to empower Eastern European frontier technology companies through exposing them to USA market. The program was customized for Eastern European founders aiming to adapt to cultural and business environment in the US, complete and define product/market fit, get traction and become part of local startup and investing ecosystem in the U.S.

    Portfolio structure

    $1.5 M is used to finance 33% of existing Starta Accelerator 16/17 LLC portfolio of 21 technology startups selected and accelerated by Starta Accelerator. Starta Accelerator 16/17 LLC owns average of 7% equity in each company at $2M valuation

    All 21 companies are at post-product stage and have traction in their home countries and U.S. market. Some of them have already raised further rounds of investment at higher valuations than Starta Accelerator 16/17 LLC nominal portfolio valuations.

    Remaining amount ($3.5M) will be invested in minimum 50 new early stage startups that will be accelerated by Starta Accelerator over the period of the next 2 years. Th next Starta Accelerator batch is planned to start in September 2017, information about selected companies will be announced in September.

    Cross Coin

    Cross Coin is an SPV to be incorporated in Singapore as an ICO friendly jurisdiction with the only purpose to invest in Starta Accelerator. CrossCoin has an option to buy 33% of "Starta Accelerator 16/17" SPV at portfolio valuation price.

    The Mission of Cross Coin is to democratize venture investments and become a bridge between crypto and fiat economies. We help venture funds, accelerators and startups to raise capital using crypto assets.

    Starta Accelerator & Fund Platform

    Returns Model

    Acceleration vehicle and the Eastern European focus allows us to enter companies at lower valuations compared to U.S. market

    Valuation at entry - up to $2 M

    Targeted exit @ $10 - $50 M (average 10 X return per company)

    Returns Strategy: Maximum Liquidity

    We build working ponies - pipeline for M&A deals


    Value-add through developing Tech Business competencies in the U.S business environment during 3.5 months in New York

    We hire top U.S. professionals who act as part-time team members for startups during the program


    Defining product/market fit

    Danny Setiawan

    • Lead UX The Economist
    • UX Designer Yahoo!
    • Leading UX Coach

    Sales & Business Development

    Roy Weissman

    • 25+ years Executive/VP of Sales & Business Development at various corporations and startups in the U.S.

    Cultural adaptation, Communication

    Anastasia Onegina

    • 15+ years cross cultural experience (ex-USSR countries - U.S.)
    • MBA at Stanford

    Communication & Pitch

    Accent reduction, public speaking & pitch

    Lisa Patti

    • 12+ years accent & communication coach
    • 8+ years speech & language pathology


    Venture strategy, deck

    Saul Orbach

    • MassChallenge, Founders Institute mentor
    • 5 exits (IPO and acquisition)

    PR Team

    PR strategy in U.S. and former USSR

    John Varoli & Victoria Zavyalova

    • 20+ years in media
    • Bloomberg, NY Times, Reuters
    • Tech & Science section Russia Behind the Headlines
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    Starta Token
    What represents
    Token Price
    $1 (USD)
    Token amount
    Equal to collected amount in USD
    Token buyback
    The Company undertakes to utilize allthe net profit and the
    assets remainedto buyback the tokens at a market price
    5% of tokens will be reserved forthe ICO administration costs
    Management Fees
    2.5% of net profit


    News on portfolio companies